• Is it possible to experience reality without perceptual filters?
  • Is it is possible to live a life of natural spontaneity and interconnectedness?
  • Is it possible to be free of suffering once and for all?
You hold the answers
to these questions
within you!
Praise for Awake:
Every chapter is a masterclass in breaking the illusion that we are separate from life, from ourselves, from everything that is. The single most direct and remarkable guide to awakening I've read.
- Dr. Zubin Damania (ZDoggMD)
For anyone whose heart has always had that yearning to burst into life, to burst into experience, and to love in a way you know must be possible. This book is the guide to living moment to moment intimacy in a truthful and authentic way.
- Violet Richele Helander
This book is the single most useful text I've encountered for those interested in actual awakening.
- Barine Duman, Esq.
From the introduction:
“Awakening is an equal opportunity employer. I have seen both spiritual and nonspiritual people wake up. I have seen logical, scientific, skeptical, intuitive, artistic, and emotional people wake up. I have seen people wake up who had a clear intention to do so and worked hard at it. I have seen people wake up who had no idea what was going on and for whom the process seemed to have begun spontaneously. What determines your qualification for awakening is nothing you believe, identify with, or do. What determines your qualification is one simple thing: you have a desire to open to the deepest truth of what you are. That’s it, nothing more.”

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